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Sustainable Performance Improvement

Valuta is a business consultancy helping organisations deliver successful change. We ensure your change initiative delivers sustainable performance improvement for your competitive advantage.

We identify internal strengths and improvement opportunities using a practice-based approach to improve your competitive advantage, and guide the exploitation of appropriate technology to future increase performance.

1.  Sustainable - by working with your people, processes and structure to develop alignment with your strategy, the performance improvements will be sustainable.

2.  Performance - our work ensures any project or change initiative remains focused on increasing performance.  We avoid change for the sake of it and remove the risk of accepting "good enough" delivery.

3.  Improvement - in an ever changing environment, standing still means you get left behind.  Working with Valuta helps you maintain a proactive stance, driving forward to success.

The Valuta team was founded on the principle that there is a better way to help organisations improve their performance.  We bring an independent view and provide a lasting improvement to the internal capability of each client by combining expert change leadership with proven technology through our partner IB Systems.

Profile your organisation or project now

Profile your organisation or project now

Use our free on-line tool to profile your organisation's performance against our Successful Delivery Criteria.
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Purpose: To improve certainty of delivery of a mission critical change initiative. Successes: Principal re-stated the vision read more >

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Organisational development:

Corporate Performance

We understand that increasing operational efficiency demands clarity and understanding
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Project development:

Portfolio Improvement

The Valuta Portfolio Improvement Service combines a highly efficient analysis
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Project Tracker

The Valuta Project Tracker service provides you with assurance that
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Project Accelerator

The Valuta Project Accelerator service is ideal for a project
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Project Start-up

When you are setting out to lead a 'can’t fail'
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Project Turn-around

Valuta Project Turn-around is a comprehensive support package that delivers
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