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About us

Our values

Valuta is a unique business, built around the core values of integrity, passion and independence. Our principles place the joint creation of value at the centre of our assignments, which means that we will work with you in a partnership for success. Our focus on knowledge transfer is delivered through joint working and openness, ensuring that you get maximum and lasting benefit.

We express our values in four clear statements:

  • An expectation of selflessness – the client comes first
  • An expectation of skill – we aim for excellence, knowledge and experience
  • An expectation of trustworthiness – integrity is at our core
  • An expectation of learning – we build client capability

Our people
The company attracts experienced and talented people who are excited and energised by the opportunity to focus wholly on delivering massive benefits with our clients. Everyone in the team brings at least 20 years of hands-on experience from diverse environments. All have held positions at Director level in major organisations. The Valuta team understands the pressures and challenges of delivering change in a complex environment.

Our philosophy
Valuta people are guided by a passion for adding massive value - efficiently. We seek to leave a lasting impact through knowledge transfer and encourage you to take on much of the change with your own people. More than ever, in today's economic climate, we recognise the importance of successful organisational development or project delivery in terms of the return on your scarce resources, avoidance of costly delays or impaired functionality.

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