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Portfolio Improvement

The Valuta Portfolio Improvement Service combines a highly efficient analysis of current performance using Active Assurance, with an approach that builds understanding and commitment to change with decision makers.  

This service includes a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and the way projects are currently delivered.  

Valuta Active Assurance provides an independent assessment of whether the elements fundamental to successful project delivery are in place and operating effectively.

We identify and mitigate risks to successful delivery present in a project’s sponsorship, business case and benefits plan, governance and reporting arrangements, contracting and supply chain strategies, commercial and delivery skills, funding and resourcing and overall project management approach.

We guide
people who lead and manage projects to help them make informed decisions which reduce the causes of project failure, promote the conditions for success and increase the chance of delivering the required outcome cost-effectively.   The shared action plan, supported by Valuta expert consultants, ensures increased performance.

As with all our services, the central theme is to understand your needs and the particular constraints of the project environment, before developing recommendations for the way forward.  At Valuta, we have seen many different ways of working in different types of organisations, and we have learnt that one size certainly does not fit all.

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