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Corporate Performance

We understand that increasing operational efficiency demands clarity and understanding – difficult in an increasingly complex environment.

We guide those that lead and manage to help them make informed decisions, which reduce the causes of project failure, promote the conditions for success and increase the chances of successful, cost-effective results.

Supporting change from vision to completion.  Our proven, efficient approach will increase your return on investment, get your team working effectively and reduce your risks - during project delivery, through the transition to business as usual and during operation.

Clients familiar with Valuta already recognise the value of working with us to guide complex projects to successful delivery.  Our independent review process has been developed and improved through more than 200 interventions, supporting some of the most challenging change initiatives in the UK over the last decade.

Our knowledge and experience now extends to support increased operational performance, effectively tackling the risk that investments in new infrastructure, new processes and new ways of working fail to deliver the benefits that justified them in the first place.

Our comprehensive package of support guides leaders through the critical decision points from project start to go-live, using an open and inclusive approach that quickly develops trust and encourages positive reactions.  We ensure the risks of commissioning, often found in hand-over situations, are mitigated, and that the early phases of operation are safely delivered by an organisation ready for the new initiative.  Once the new project is up and running, we support the development of increased efficiency and cost reduction.

Because we understand the risks to your investment - from project implementation, through transition to business as usual, and during operational performance - we are able to guide you away from problems and keep you focused on increasing the return on your investment.

Choose Valuta to increase the return on your investment.

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